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Fast Turn Times

Fast turn times are a must! We do everything in our power to get all loan documents to the title company in advance, so our loans will close on-time. Our goal is to close our clients’ loan in 20 days or less*. This commitment is extremely important in building trust with our homebuyers and Realtor partners. All of us at The Western Region at Supreme Lending are committed to providing clients with the highest quality financial services while finding competitive mortgage loan rates. As one of the most outstanding mortgage companies, we will work with you one-on-one to find a financial solution that is custom to meet your specific financing needs. Whether you are purchasing your dream home, refinancing to consolidate debt, or are purchasing a new build where the closing is six months out, our highly experienced team of mortgage lenders can help you find the right loan program at a competitive rate no matter what your needs are.

Whether it’s a real estate agent or a home buyer looking for a lender, when searching for mortgage companies, The Western Region at Supreme Lending’s goal is to stand out as the mortgage originators to use in your area. Our experienced loan officers, in-house processors and our in-house closers and funders have built a level of trust, which translates into our ability to underwrite, close, and fund loans that investors will buy. For the borrower, it means low-interest rates and closing costs, with fast turnaround times.

*Closing in 20 Days is not a guarantee. Turn times may vary as each loan is different.



Data is based on company-wide performance as of 12-31-2021.




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Whether this is your first home or your fifth, the mortgage process can seem a bit complex. We’ve put together some resources to help you get a better handle on how the process works.

Here To Guide You Every Step Of The Way

Conventional Loans


Cash-Out Refinance

FHA Loans

VA Loans

USDA Rural Development

First Time Homebuyer

Down Payment Assistance

The Loan process

What To Expect


Loan Application

Borrower can apply online or meet with a Loan Officer face to face, or communicate through email, phone or fax. Customize loan products to meet individual needs.  Maintain communication throughout the loan process to closing.

Loan Set-Up

    Send required disclosures to client.

    Order residential appraisal.

    Send verification to applicable entities.

Loan Processing

The processor is your contact during all processing and compiling of information for loan submission. Email all information for loan processing to your processor.



    Supreme Lending prepares Closing Disclosure then provides final closing figures.

    Loan Officer will send prepared Closing Disclosure for borrower signature 3 days prior to closing.

    Supreme Lending sends prepared docs to the title company.



Evaluation of credit and property in determining adherence to Supreme Lending guidelines.


Post Closing

Please feel free to call us for any assistance you may need after closing. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your mortgage needs.

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